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Claudia and the Cassandra necklace

A few picts of the shooting. Claudia is a great model, the day and the light were perfect for the shooting. Thanks!

20 Sep

A glass of Martini is required to start any creative Buba session!

11 Jul
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Rosa for Bubamara

Photo shooting for Rosa. Today we had a pretty good time with Rosa in the new Gae Aulenti plaza in Milano. Lots of pictures playing with the photographer. Beautiful sunset light. Thanks for the pleasant...

27 Jun
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Il Circo delle Pulci – The Flea Circus

The Flea Circus hosted us in December 2012. Two days of magic atmosphere, musical improvisation and animation shows. Handmade and vintage unique creations surrounded us. As well as weird creatures popping...

25 Jun
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Raku firing

Raku firing is one of the most exciting processes in ceramics. It’s a low-fire method in which we heat the ware, remove the ware from the kiln when the glaze has melted (at around 1000°c), and perform...

25 Jun
The little Buba-Meije

Quilling necklace on a little princess. She’s gorgeous!

28 Mar

Diane Dufour sent us one of her beautiful illustrations after receiving a Buba necklace. Take a look at her illustrations. She is great. Thanks Tagadiane!

06 Sep
Bubamara – this is where the name comes from

We don’t need to say a lot about the popular masterpiece Black Cat White Cat by Kusturica. Just a short note to say that Bubamara, the little sad bride, is the character we loved most and gives the...

28 Apr
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Trasformazioni – Workshop in Vulcanica Shop

During the Design Week in Milano in 2011,  two days of workshop in the Vulcanica Shop in Paolo Sarpi.

16 Apr
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Il frutto dell’Ingegno – Exposition

December 2010: Christmas Fair in Milano. The Blog online: Il Frutto dell’Ingegno.

15 Dec
Exhibition in Porta Venezia – 2009

Our first exhibition in Milano. Lots of friends and visitors to support us.

17 May